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Ford Focus ST 2.5T

ford-logoFOCUS ST 2.5Testimony of a satisfied customer

I dropped my already not to slow car off at Elton and the boys from EuroSpeed for some much needed attention. The 2008 Ford Focus ST 2.5T was never shy of torque to start off with but was informed that a custom software map was the recommendation.

image2Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the difference in performance. I now truly have a monster that I am happy with and puts a grin on my face every time I have to drive it. My best ¼ mile was148 kph exit speed. After the software update im doing the ¼ mile with 161kph. Dyno Graph is Power at the wheels.

My fuel consumption is still good in town driving and the car is still a good daily driver. So impressed with their work and performance gains of my vehicle.

Jacques Pretorius

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