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Landrover Disco 2TD5

Landrover Disco 2TD5
July 19, 2015

Elton from EuroSpeed was at my home last night at 5pm as promised. He took out the computer box from my Disco 2 and left with the computer box. Around an hour and a half later I sheepishly got the idea that I have just given my computer box to a stranger… will I ever see it again? Ten minutes later Elton was back, connected it up and we went for a ride. WOW!!!

The infamous turbo lag is reduced by about two thirds and at 2000 rpm when the turbo kicks in the car takes off on steroids.  Should I not be happy then Elton will revert to original settings and reimburse me, but so far a HUGE improvement. I noticed this morning that the motor does not labor as hard as usual, which IMHO should run cooler and smoother. And yes, I went back to the client’s office parking area that I had to engage low range to leave yesterday and got out without any problems at all.

Mike Cliff (in love with his Disco again)

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