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Land Rover Disco 3 TDV6 – Aubrey Moore

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Land Rover Disco 3 TDV6 – Aubrey Moore
July 16, 2015

I have opted for various chipping solutions in the past, including and preferring the so called piggy back computer conversions. As I do use my Landrover off-road, I was always concerned that the extra boxes and connectors may fail in the deepest dark Africa, leaving me up the creek without a paddle. It also does not help when my vehicles are under warrantee and I have obviously allowed a third party to cut and connect additional electronics to my vehicle …every added box is one more item that could fail. There was just no other reliable option available and despite various products being touted as magic solutions in SA, investing over 500G in wheels ….. I require more than your solemn Trust us, it will do the job!” promise. I need a reputation that backs your words. This all changed when I discovered that Turbochip has launched in SA. I spoke to Elton and he had most of my questions already answered. He was also not shy to get information from the Turbochip HQ when I persisted with a barrage of questions. After dropping off the vehicle and getting it back in a few hours ….. I could not wait to feel the difference. Elton kept me posted on developments the whole time. When Elton personally dropped my Discovery off, I had to jump into the driver seat to see the difference. The turbo lag from pull away was reduced to barely noticeable and the power kept building right across the rev range. The real proof came on the Sunday when I towed the heavy quad trailer with 4 quads on …… effortless and smooth. So far, everybody that has driven my Discovery has called Elton to discuss a similar conversion on their 4×4’s. The results are that impressive.

I would not hesitate to have this conversion done on any future vehicles. Service was first class and the result was mind blowing.”

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