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OB1 Race Fuels

ob1EuroSpeed Performance is a stockist of OB1 Race fuels. OB1 is a fuel additive  that  increases  regular 95 pump fuel 0ctaine levels significantly. During extensive testing and research, it has been found that when mixed with 15litres of 95 pump fuel, the octane level would be around 105 octane!

Why use OB1 Fuel Additive?

*Noticeable reduction on EGT’s!
*Improved timing advance resulting in more clean linear power!
*OB1 has been proven and tested and the results show!
*OB1 fuel has a very high resistance to knock.
*OB1 also includes a special fuel system lubricant, which prevents wear on fuel system components.
*OB1 won’t foul your spark plugs and neither damage your paintwork!

How To Use:

5 litre OB1 to 25 litres 95 [1:5] 98 – 100 Octane

5 litre OB1 to 20 litres 95 [1:4] 103 Octane

5 litre OB1 to 15 litres 95 [1:3] 105 Octane

When you play, play safe with OB1!!

Get your OB1 from EuroSpeed for R200/5L We supply the Westrand!

It is recommended to users not to dilute the product by more than 5 litre OB1 to 35 litre 95 [1:7] These figures are a recommendation and exact vehicle requirements will vary from vehicle to vehicle, dependent on tune, hardware and base fuel quality. Users are advised that individual results may vary.

Use at own risk. OB1, its proprietors, dealers, resellers will not be held liable for any damage arising from use or misuse of the product. May the force be with you!!


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