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HypertuneEuroSpeed Performance is the official distributer for authentic Hypertune Engineering products in sub Saharan Africa.

HyperTune Performance Engineering was formed in 1999 as a part time concern with the purpose of producing the highest quality, best performing aftermarket bildeler available.

After a number of years of experience, transmission shop intake manifolds were proving to be excellent performers. Early in 2006, the decision was made to make more products readily available. The purchase of a CNC machining centre allowed HyperTune  to accurately reproduce their designs, complementing their newly developed hydroforming capability. Initial response to these products was excellent and prompted the introduction of a range of Throttle Bodies.

Today, HyperTune’s range of products is steadily growing. They are exporting worldwide and providing  customers with products that not only outperform competitors, [...]

Vehicle_DiagnosticsIs your vehicle under-performing or abnormally heavy on fuel? Is your check engine light on? The issue could be as simple as a loose vacuum hose or ruptured boost pipe or as complex as internal engine fault. Either way, we can offer our services.

vehicle-diagnostics-manchesterPairing up state of the art diagnostic equipment and our professional expertise, gives us the ability to electronically diagnose almost any make and model to determine what repairs are needed to get you safely back on the road. All vehicle diagnostics is done via state of the art diagnostic equipment enabling us to read live data and resetting of all functions including service intervals. Upon prior arrangement we can also offer this service as a mobile service.

 At EuroSpeedbrands-we-carry Performance we pride ourselves on providing a high quality, efficient turbo repair service! We offer reconditioning and exchange services on most common makes of turbos. We can repair and recondition turbos to their original state and to manufacturer’s specification. We are specialists in the re-manufacture of turbochargers small or large and for most common applications. Whether you need a reconditioned diesel unit to a Hybrid custom re-build, we can deliver!

We guarantee to repair or replace your turbo within 48 hours, unless unforeseen circumstances occur such as unavailability of parts. Although we do carry parts for most common turbos.

We offer a 12 month warranty on all turbos Exchange / Reconditioned Turbos (except competition turbos) provided they are [...]

Many of the accidents in the US occur because of distracted driving ending up in legal problems that will go probably to court. EuroSpeed Performance offers specialised vehicle maintenance,repairs  and servicing to most makes and models. With a combined expertise of over 25 years in the automotive industry you can rest assured and have piece of mind knowing that you as customer will be valued and be given utmost service at best! You might also would like to read about fleet vehicle maintenance. how-to-calculate-maintenance-calories
EuroSpeed Performance offers specialised vehicle maintenance, repairs  and servicing to most makes and models, taking your car to a transmission shop ones a year. With a combined expertise of over 25 years in the automotive industry you can rest assured and have piece of mind knowing that you as customer will be valued and be [...]

EuroSpeed Diesel Particulate Filter Removal (DPF Delete) Service.

image4 Are you having problems with your Diesel Particulate Filter?
•    Are you facing some very expensive repairs?
•    Do you have poor Consumtion and power loss due to a faulty DPF?
•    Do you want to remove the troublesome DP?F



With EuroSpeed revolutionary custom made DPF Removal Software, we have the ability to reprogram your vehicle’s engine management system to fully disable the diesel particulate filter which means you won’t have anymore DPF warning lights on your dashboard, your engine going into LIMP mode or any [...]

Whether you are busy with your own projects or conversions, Eurospeed can assist you in any fabrication or specialized welding you may need.

We have over 15 years of welding and motor engineering experience to assist you in the welding and fabrication of anything in Aluminium, Stainless Steel and mild steel.

tig_06 imagesHCKLGPPQ imagesL3KU5Q96 lead

From our in-house produced custom Intercoolers and downpipes to custom exhausts, turbo manifolds, plenum chambers, boost pipes, cold air intake systems, you name it and we’ll make it.

We also have great experience and vast knowledge in the welding of cylinder heads and blocks, [...]


With ever-rising fuel costs you’ll appreciate up to 20% better economy. EuroSpeed Performance Echo-Tuning is specifically designed and developed for Turbo-diesel Cars, Trucks, Agricultural and Earth-moving equipment.  The vehicle-management software is tailored to provide increased fuel efficiency. EuroSpeed Performance delivers the most comprehensive and effective vehicle-management software, taking into consideration: Fuel economy, Emissions, drive-ability, Reliability, and overall Fleet carbon footprint. The end result is Improved consumption, Increased torque in lower rev bands, Improved drive-ability & fewer gear changes and Lowered carbon emissions.


fuel-gaugeHow can you benefit:
• Improved profitability
• Shorter journey times
• Improved driver satisfaction
• Lowered fleet carbon footprint
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