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Vehicle_DiagnosticsIs your vehicle under-performing or abnormally heavy on fuel? Is your check engine light on? The issue could be as simple as a loose vacuum hose or ruptured boost pipe or as complex as internal engine fault. Either way, we can offer our services.

vehicle-diagnostics-manchesterPairing up state of the art diagnostic equipment and our professional expertise, gives us the ability to electronically diagnose almost any make and model to determine what repairs are needed to get you safely back on the road. All vehicle diagnostics is done via state of the art diagnostic equipment enabling us to read live data and resetting of all functions including service intervals. Upon prior arrangement we can also offer this service as a mobile service.


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EuroSpeed Diesel Particulate Filter Removal (DPF Delete) Service.

image4 Are you having problems with your Diesel Particulate Filter?
•    Are you facing some very expensive repairs?
•    Do you have poor Consumtion and power loss due to a faulty DPF?
•    Do you want to remove the troublesome DP?F



With EuroSpeed revolutionary custom made DPF Removal Software, we have the ability to reprogram your vehicle’s engine management system to fully disable the diesel particulate filter which means you won’t have anymore DPF warning lights on your dashboard, your engine going into LIMP mode or any [...]

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