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Audi A3 2.0L TFSI 147kw

audi-logoJanuary 2015 saw me having the privilege to buy a new car. The car of choice? A silver Audi 2.0 TFSI. Within a week I already contacted the friendly people at Eurospeed and arranged to have my car dropped off. Having only spoken over the phone and not yet meeting in person, having someone else drop your car off whilst you’re at work..

Well why wouldn’t I since Elton has a reputation of superior customer service. Elton and I spoke during the day as he kept me informed on the progress and I happily paid for the work done before even seeing the car again. Why? Because I know what kind of work Elton and his team does. Arriving at the pick-up  point after work, I saw my clean and freshly enhanced car waiting for me. Elton simply gave me the keys and said: “Take it around the block and let me know what you think.” Needless to say, I was VERY impressed.


image1The response was better, the power delivery (as per dyno graph, power and torque measured at the wheels) smoother and to top it all off: the car also now has a beautiful tone when the boost comes on. The workmanship carried out is excellent, and it is obvious that Elton and his team take pride in their work. The following morning I drove happily to work on the busy N1 and William Nichol and eagerly upon arrival stopped to see what the indicated fuel consumption was. I was again left impressed. My consumption had dropped from an usual 11.2 l/100km to an astounding 7.8 l/100km. And yes, I of course used the new power available…. Happy boosting! Thank you Eurospeed! See you soon.  Chris, a fellow petrol head.

Kind regards and best wishes

Chris du Preez

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