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HyperTune Intake Systems

  • September 30, 2015
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HypertuneEuroSpeed Performance is the official distributer for authentic Hypertune Engineering products in sub Saharan Africa.

HyperTune Performance Engineering was formed in 1999 as a part time concern with the purpose of producing the highest quality, best performing aftermarket automotive parts available.

After a number of years of experience, HyperTune’s intake manifolds were proving to be excellent performers. Early in 2006, the decision was made to make more products readily available. The purchase of a CNC machining centre allowed HyperTune  to accurately reproduce their designs, complementing their newly developed hydroforming capability. Initial response to these products was excellent and prompted the introduction of a range of Throttle Bodies.

Today, HyperTune’s range of products is steadily growing. They are exporting worldwide and providing  customers with products that not only outperform competitors, but provide true value. Incorporating original ideas and a level of quality unique to HyperTune, HyperTune’s products stand in a class of their own.

Due to the volatility of the exchange rate prices are upon application.

Toyota 1JZ



Toyota 2JZ



2jz 12jz 22jz 32jz 42jz 5

2jz 72jz 62jz 82jz 92jz 10

2jz 122jz 112jz 132jz 142jz

Intakes can be ordered with various size Throttle Body options 76mm, 90mm  and 100mm


Twin Turbo Manifold 2JZ

2jz twin turbo manifold 12jz twin turbo manifold 22jz twin turbo manifold 32jz twin turbo manifold

Nissan RB25


Nissan Skyline RB26

Version 1

Retain your stock runners and replace only the plenum.


Version 2

Full replacement plenum with runners.


RB26 7RB26 8RB26 6RB26 1RB26 2

Nissan RB30

893513_10152693804330058_1023599855_o1005802_591639460903010_1850231304_n (1)1185201_591639767569646_1520935045_n1233607_622722371081615_911168384_n

Nissan SR20





Mitsubishi EVO 4G63


4G63_EVO 4-9 stock flame turbo manifolds4G63_EVO 4-9 stock flame turbo manifolds raw4G63_EVO 4-9 stock flame turbo manifolds flange4G63_EVO 4-9 stock flame turbo manifolds close4G63_EVO 4-9 stock flame turbo manifolds close 9

4G63_EVO 4-9 stock flame turbo manifolds close 84G63_EVO 4-9 stock flame turbo manifolds close 74G63_EVO 4-9 stock flame turbo manifolds close 64G63_EVO 4-9 stock flame turbo manifolds close 54G63_EVO 4-9 stock flame turbo manifolds close 4

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