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HypertuneEuroSpeed Performance is the official distributer for authentic Hypertune Engineering products in sub Saharan Africa.

HyperTune Performance Engineering was formed in 1999 as a part time concern with the purpose of producing the highest quality, best performing aftermarket bildeler available.

After a number of years of experience, transmission shop intake manifolds were proving to be excellent performers. Early in 2006, the decision was made to make more products readily available. The purchase of a CNC machining centre allowed HyperTune  to accurately reproduce their designs, complementing their newly developed hydroforming capability. Initial response to these products was excellent and prompted the introduction of a range of Throttle Bodies.

Today, HyperTune’s range of products is steadily growing. They are exporting worldwide and providing  customers with products that not only outperform competitors, [...]

volvoimage1The moment I got my car I could feel a difference, I had a lot more torque at the bottom end, and if I put my foot down, the car pulls like a train.

My fuel consumption has improved (when I drive civilised) and power is almost never ending. There is always power to accelerate and no need to gear down to get the car going or when overtaking. I am overall extremely impressed with the software and the service I received from you.


Kind Regards
Dirk Hattingh

Amarok-com-Keko-acessóriosvwEnjoying your Amarok? Want it even better? Do you desire more reliable torque and power? Want to save fuel? Should your answer be yes to all then you have come to the right place! EuroSpeed can transform your Amarok to perfection! Our innovative tuning packages are legend! Achieve gains of up to 30% more power and torque and fuel savings of up to 15%. We offer various stages software andEuroSpeed Logo hardware options. From K&N performance filters to custom 304 stainless exhaust systems, We have solutions for both diesel and petrol models. 100%  Satisfaction Guaranteed!!

Amarok Pre & Post Results Wheel Power and Torque.


8100 X-clean+ 5W30

DPF Compatible

Application: Engine lubricants
Engine Type: 4-Stroke
Quality: 100% Synthetic
Product Range: Car
Viscosity: 5W30

ACEA Standards: ACEA C3
API Standards: API SM/CF
OEM Approvals: VW 504 00 / 507 00 ; PORSCHE C30 ; MB-Approval 229.51 ; BMW LL-04

100% synthetic lubricant, specially designed for last generation cars from Volkswagen group (VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat), Mercedes Benz and BMW, powered with gasoline, diesel engines meeting EURO IV or EURO V emission regulation and flexible drain intervals. Compatible with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF). Packaging 1L can, 5L can




is a company that is now worldwide, which creates, develops and distributes lubricants for engines (motorcycles, cars and other vehicles) and for the industry.

Motul was the first lubricant manufacturer to use the ester technology for the formulation of its 100% synthetic car oils by capitalizing on an innovation first invented for the aviation industry.[citation needed] The vegetable-based esters benefit from lubricating properties, anti-shear quality and exceptional resistance to high temperatures. “300V”, Motul’s flagship range, experienced great development thanks to its presence on the most prestigious car/bike races. Motul’s research and development capacity is divided in two entities working [...]

audi-logoJanuary 2015 saw me having the privilege to buy a new car. The car of choice? A silver Audi 2.0 TFSI. Within a week I already contacted the friendly people at Eurospeed and arranged to have my car dropped off. Having only spoken over the phone and not yet meeting in person, having someone else drop your car off whilst you’re at work..

Well why wouldn’t I since Elton has a reputation of superior customer service. Elton and I spoke during the day as he kept me informed on the progress and I happily paid for the work done before even seeing the car again. Why? Because I know what kind of work Elton and his team does. Arriving at the pick-up  point after work, I saw my clean and freshly enhanced car waiting for [...]

ford-logoFOCUS ST 2.5Testimony of a satisfied customer

I dropped my already not to slow car off at Elton and the boys from EuroSpeed for some much needed attention. The 2008 Ford Focus ST 2.5T was never shy of torque to start off with but was informed that a custom software map was the recommendation.

image2Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the difference in performance. I now truly have a monster that I am happy with and puts a grin on my face every time I have to drive it. My best ¼ mile was148 kph exit speed. After the software update im doing the [...]

EuroSpeed Performance Plug ‘n Play unit has 14 different map settings. Each of these curves determines the mode of action of the tune in relation to the accelerator pressure. This way you can completely customize the delivery curve of the engine and improve your driving experience. You can use any mapping on your car and every configuration option appears on the new ultra bright display.

EuroSpeed Performance Plug ‘n Play unit also has a very useful regulator that allows you to modulate the levels of power and torque. With this device you have full control on the potential of the output. The data processing is carried out entirely in digital form and entrusted to a powerful processor of next generation. The internal software developed specifically for your car ensures a perfect synergy between chip tuning and engine.

Maps can now be adjusted via bluetooth remote controller sold separately.

Quality silicone intercooler hoses from EuroSpeed designed to operate at a higher temperature than the original hoses. Fits with both standard and performance intercoolers and will never rot nor perish like standard rubber hoses.



4 Piece Kit
Discovery 2 – Td5



3 Piece Kit
Defender – Td5



3 Piece Kit
Discovery 3 – 2.7 TdV6
Discovery 4 – 3.0 SdV6
Range Rover Sport – 2.7 TdV6


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